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Volume 14 Number 2, December 2023

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Managing editor for this issue: Chin-Hsi Lin


(Visualized Evaluation and Intelligent Recommendation of International Chinese MOOCs Based on Learning Data Mining)

马瑞祾 (Ma, Ruiling), 北京语言大学 (Beijing Language and Culture University)
郑明鉴 (Zheng, Mingjian), 北京语言大学 (Beijing Language and Culture University)
徐娟 (Xu, Juan), 北京语言大学 (Beijing Language and Culture University)
pp. 1-24: Abstract | Article PDF

Engaging Students in the Online Classroom: A Case Study on Teachers of Chinese as a Foreign Language

Gong, Yang (龔陽), University of Macau (澳門大學)
Pang, Qiaowen (龐喬文), University of Macau (澳門大學)
Li, Wendong (李文棟), University of Macau (澳門大學)
pp. 25-43: Abstract | Article PDF

(Online Teaching Strategies of Idioms for International Chinese Teachers Under the Digital Bloom’s Theory)

胡波 (Hu, Bo), 澳門科技大學 (Macau University of Science and Technology)
肖詩俊 (Xiao, Shijun), 澳門科技大學 (Macau University of Science and Technology)
陈红 (Chen, Hong), 澳門城市大學 (City University of Macau)
pp. 44-61: Abstract | Article PDF

(Research on International Chinese Culture Education Based on Project-Based Learning)

吕伯宁 (Lyu, Boning), 厦门大学 (Xiamen University)
常大群 (Chang, Daqun), 厦门大学 (Xiamen University)
马璇 (Ma, Xuan), 厦门大学 (Xiamen University)
pp. 62-75: Abstract | Article PDF


Teaching Chinese Language and Culture Through Chinese-American Virtual Exchange: A Pedagogical Reflection

Luo, Han (骆涵), Lafayette College (拉法耶特学院)
pp. 76-92: Abstract | Article PDF


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