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Volume 14 Number 2, 2023
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Lyu, B., Chang, D., & Ma, X. (2023). Research on International Chinese Culture Education Based on Project-Based Learning. Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching, 14(2), 62-75.
[吕伯宁, 常大群, & 马璇. (2023). 基于项目学习法的国际中文文化教学研究. 科技与中文教学 (Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching), 14(2), 62-75.]

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Language and culture teaching, as two main aspects of international Chinese teaching, are interdependent and influence each other. Cultural teaching helps improve learners’ communication skills, and provides avenues to understand Chinese culture. Therefore, cultural teaching is an important part of international Chinese teaching. The Framework of Reference for Chinese Culture and Society in International Chinese Language Education puts forward higher standards and requirements for international Chinese culture education. In the context of the development of digital education, this action study reported a project-based learning (PBL) activity in order to meet the international Chinese education standards in the new era. The study found that PBL activities improved learning motivation and autonomy and achieved learning goals in multiple dimensions such as cultural knowledge, cultural understanding, cross-cultural awareness, and cultural attitudes. Meanwhile, learners' expectations for digital teaching materials are embodied in three aspects: graphic expression, content expansion and learning support. Finally, this study proposed a project-based learning framework in international Chinese culture education.

语言和文化教学作为国际中文教学的两个主要方面,相互依存、相互影响。文化教学有助于提升语言交际能力,亦是中文学习者直观了解中华文化的主要途径,是国际中文教学中的重要环节。《国际中文教育用中国文化和国情教学参考框架》为国际中文文化教育提出了更高的标准与要求。在教育信息化发展的大背景下,为满足新时期国际中文教育标准,本研究基于项目学习法(Project-based learning, 以下简称为PBL)框架,以建设文化数字教材作为切入点,采取行动研究方法,探求学习者视角数字教材感知、学习成效及其应用模式。研究发现,在PBL活动中,学习者充分发挥学习积极性与自主性,充分拓展课堂材料,在文化知识、文化理解、跨文化意识和文化态度等多维度达成学习目标。学习者对于数字教材的期待,具体体现在图文表达、内容拓展与学习支持三方面。最后,本研究提出“一项目、三环节、五流程”的PBL教学活动设计框架,为满足新时期国际中文文化教育标准提供教学法参考。

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