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Volume 14 Number 2, 2023
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Gong, Y., Pang, Q., & Li, W. (2023). Engaging Students in the Online Classroom: A Case Study on Teachers of Chinese as a Foreign Language. Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching, 14(2), 25-43.
[龔陽, 龐喬文, & 李文棟. (2023). 促進學生在線課堂的參與:一項基於對外漢語教師的案例研究. 科技与中文教学 (Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching), 14(2), 25-43.]

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Compared to traditional face-to-face classrooms, engaging students in online Chinese as a foreign language (CFL) classroom poses unique challenges. In light of the importance of fostering student engagement for academic achievement, this case study collected data through interviews and observations with three CFL teachers to investigate their challenges and strategies in terms of enhancing student engagement in the online classroom. The results suggest that while the teachers encountered challenges in enhancing students’ emotional engagement in online CFL classrooms, they valued the direct and indirect impacts of emotional engagement on language learning. Consequently, they employed various strategies, such as using multilingual resources to scaffold understanding, providing technology-enhanced constructive feedback, and increasing “personal touch”, to promote online student engagement. Drawing on these insights into teachers’ experiences of online student engagement, this study provides recommendations for training and professional development initiatives aimed at preparing CFL teachers for the online classroom.

提高學生的課堂參與度對其學業成就至關重要。與傳統的面對面課堂相比,促進學生對外漢語在綫課堂的參與面臨著特殊的挑戰。鑒於此,本案例研究結合半結構化訪談和課堂觀察,探究三位對外漢語教師促進學生參與在綫課堂時面臨的挑戰及其採取的相應策略。研究結果表明,儘管提高學生在綫課堂中的情感參與存在挑戰,但是教師重視情感參與對語言學習的直接和間接影響。同時,他們也採用各種策略促進學生參與在綫課堂,例如使用多語資源協助學生理解、提供技術強化的建設性反饋、增加 “個人接觸”等。基於以上研究發現,本研究提出促進學生參與在綫課堂的相關建議,以期為對外漢語教師進行在線教學做好準備,並為未來的教師培訓和專業發展活動提供參考。

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