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Volume 9 Number 1, June 2018

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Exploration of Affordances of Open Data for Language Learning and Teaching
Jozef Colpaert, Universiteit Antwerpen (安特卫普大学)
pp. 1-14: Abstract | Article PDF

Performing WeChat Recording Tasks in Mixed-Ability Study Abroad Content Courses

Zhan, Hong (战红), Embry-Riddle University (安博瑞德航空大学)
Chen, Leeann (陈丽安), Embry-Riddle University (安博瑞德航空大学)
pp. 15-34: Abstract | Article PDF

Learning Chinese Colloquialisms through Mobile Technology

Yang, Jia (杨佳), University of Dayton (代顿大学)
Yin, Chengxu (尹承旭), University of Notre Dame (圣母大学)
pp. 35-47: Abstract | Article PDF

Modular Approaches in eLearning Design: Computer-Assisted Pronunciation Training Design and Evaluation
(模塊化電子教學設計: 電腦輔助發音訓練設計與評測)

Lee, Siu-lun (李兆麟), The Chinese University of Hong Kong (香港中文大學)
pp. 48-61: Abstract | Article PDF

Using Educational Technology to Enhance the Three Modes of Communication

Wu, Ching-Hsuan (吳青璇), Western Kentucky University (西肯塔基大學)
Childs, Lily (林秀桂), Mary Institute and St Louis Country Day School (瑪麗聖路易斯學校)
Hsu, I-Ling (徐翊玲), University of Rhode Island (羅德島大學)
pp. 62-77: Abstract | Article PDF

(The Challenge of Machine Translation to Traditional Translation Homework in Chinese Language Learning)

田野 (Tian, Ye), 宾夕法尼亚大学 (University of Pennsylvania)
pp. 78-95: Abstract | Article PDF


(Eye-tracking Technology and its Application in Chinese Teaching and Learning Research)

施黎静 (Shi, Lijing), 伦敦政治经济学院 (London School of Economics and Political Sciences)
pp. 96-107: Abstract | Article PDF


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