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Organizing Committee

  • De Bao Xu (许德宝), Host and Conference Co-chair, University of Macau
  • Shijuan Liu (刘士娟), Conference Co-chair, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • Jun Da (笪骏), Program Chair, Middle Tennessee State University
  • Chin-chuan Cheng (郑锦全), National Taiwan Normal University, Academia Sinica
  • Kwee Nyet Chin (陈桂月), National University of Singapore 
  • Laila Cheong, University of Macau
  • Shih-Chang Hsin (信世昌), Taiwan Normal University
  • Song Jiang (姜松), University of Hawaii
  • Hong Gang Jin (靳洪刚), University of Macau
  • Yuan Jin (晋源),  University of Macau
  • Sunaoka Kazuko (砂岡和子), Waseda University
  • Siu Lun Lee (李兆麟), The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Fujia Li (李孚嘉), Open University of China
  • Scott McGinnis, Defense Language Institute - Washington Office
  • Ling Mu (牟岭), Yale University
  • Jianguo Shi (侍建国), University of Macau
  • Dali Tan (谭大立), Northern Virginia Community College
  • Chin-chin Tseng (曾金金), Taiwan Normal University
  • Mingyu Wang (王铭宇), University of Macau
  • Qidi Xiao (肖启迪), University of Macau
  • Tianwei Xie (谢天蔚), California State University, Long Beach
  • John Jing-hua Yin (印京华), University of Vermont
  • Weidong Zhan (詹卫东), Beijing University
  • Phyllis Zhang (张霓), George Washington University
  • Zheng-sheng Zhang (张正生), San Diego State University

Review Committee

  • Jianhua Bai (白建华), Kenyan College
  • Tong Chen (陈彤), Massachusetts Institute Technology
  • Dongdong Chen (陈东东), Seton Hall University
  • Hsiu-Jen Cheng (郑琇仁), National Kaohsiung Normal University
  • Steven Day, Benedictine University
  • Chiung Yao Lin (林琼瑶),National University of Singapore 
  • Chin-Hsi Lin (林金锡), Michigan State University
  • Li Wei (卫立), Rollins College
  • Sue-mei Wu, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Yanqun Zheng (郑艳群), Beijing Language and Culture University


  • Tertiary Education Services Office of Macau
  • Macau Government Tourism Office
  • Rector’s Office of University of Macau
  • Research and Development Administration Office of University of Macau
  • Financial Office of University of Macau
  • Information and Communication Technology Office of University of Macau
  • Faculty of Arts and Humanities of University of Macau
  • Chinese Department of University of Macau
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